Alarm System for Seniors

Personal monitoring for the modern senior

With the Assure™ you can gently squeeze the sides of the smartband to call for help, programme a wellness check-in when you’ll confirm you are OK by pressing a single button, and even ask it to listen for signs of a severe fall. And all this comes in a stylish, easy to wear wristband that is designed to be worn 24 hours a day with great home & garden coverage, because you never know when you might need help.

The Assure personal alert monitoring system gives you confidence that if anything happens to you, help is at hand. If an issue is detected like a fall or period of no movement, or you raise an alarm, the Assure monitoring system alerts and calls people that you choose for assistance – friends, family or neighbours.

Seniors have never been as young as they are today, often retiring with 20+ years of active life left. But they are not invincible and at last, there is a personal monitoring and alert system that fits with a modern, vigorously independent lifestyle.
Alarm system for seniors

The Assure wristband is a unique award-winning personal monitor that is truly designed to be worn all the time. The Assure is waterproof and has a one year battery life. Once the wristband is on, it is worn 24 hours a day and help will be be at hand whenever you might need it.

It has three ways of triggering an alert, including our unique wellness checks in which you pick one or more times each day for the smartband to vibrate on your wrist when a simple press of a button will confirm you’re OK but ignoring it will raise an alert.

The Assure alarm system for senior citizens, the elderly and those at risk of falls gives you complete confidence in your home and garden. The built in fall monitoring alert system is ideal for seniors or the elderly living alone knowing that if you do fall, the Assure smartband will detect the fall and subsequent period of non-activity and send the alert calls for help. The smartband also allows you to call for help in any emergency.

To find out more about how the Assure works and why it is ideal for those living alone, visit our homepage or contact us.

And remember, if you declare you have a long-term illness or disability you can get your system, including a full year’s service & support, for under £200.

Whether you are looking for monitoring, alerting or fall detection.
The Assure Alarm System for seniors has it all covered.

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