Acticheck – Elderly monitors

Are you looking for a way to check on your elderly relatives without having to call or turn up at their front door? We are Acticheck, a sole provider of an incredible range of elderly monitors that not only give you peace of mind but can also inform you of any falls or issues your relative might have. Our smartband is perfect for a whole multitude of people, whether you work alone during the night, know someone with a disability or you’re just a vulnerable adult living alone, our technology will keep you up to date with every move your relative makes.

Our highly rated Assure smartband makes the perfect accessory, as well as being one of the best elderly monitors. It was created after our founder Karl Gibbs had spent some time with his mother who lives alone and discussed the fact that there was no port of call for her if she ever had a fall and couldn’t reach the phone.

Our top of the range elderly monitors can help in a wide range of situations. No matter whether the wearer needs assistance and can’t reach the phone, has a fall, there is no response or movement for a long period of time or even if the home is too cold! The smartband is designed to be worn at all times, is completely waterproof and the battery life will last up to a year, so no pesky recharging! Our team at Acticheck will take your family and friends details, this is so we know who contact in the event of an emergency.

We know that sometimes family and friends aren’t always available to respond to emergency situations, which is why we choose to also give your information to the first responders in your neighbourhood. There is always a team of highly experienced medical responders on hand in every community, so no matter the time of day or night, if one of our elderly monitors is triggered, you will get the help when you need it.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of our sought after elderly monitors, have a browse through our website and see the many other ways we can help you and your family. If you have any questions or would like any further advice on our services, feel free to call us on 0345 2575 080 where our customer service team are always on hand to offer friendly advice. Alternatively, you can email us at and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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