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Welcome to the Acticheck website, sole provider for the very best wristband alarm for pensioners in Eastbourne. We have been established since 2014, after our founder, Karl Gibbs, had a discussion with his mother about the methods available to assure him that she was okay every day. This is why the team at Acticheck created a wristband called The Assure, an all in one device that can guarantee safety and assurance for all of those that require.

Here at Acticheck, our wristband alarm for pensioners in Eastbourne has been designed with four key features connected, all designed for the most common issues that can occur or influence people living at home. This includes an SOS call, where users can squeeze the band to call for help, as well a wellness check-in, where the pensioner will have to press a button to prove that they are okay. There is also a fall monitor, which will detect any lack of movement after an impact, in addition to a sensor that will send reports on the temperature to those who have access.

When creating our wristband alarm for pensioners in Eastbourne, we recognised that most incidents occur overnight, or inside the bathroom. This is why we made The Assure to be worn at all times, by making it waterproof and equipped with a durable battery that is capable of lasting over a year. We have also designed the product to be comfortable to wear, making it lightweight and adjustable to promote manoeuvrability while it’s being worn.

All of this would be useless without a first-class system that monitors and evaluates all of the information being released. This is why all the wristband is designed to send the data to local friends and family that are able to help with an emergency if required, where they will receive automatic calls, emails and texts after being triggered from one of the issues as said above. For an additional fee, you will be able to sign up to the professional monitoring centre, where others will be able to assist with an incident if family and friends are unavailable.

In order to purchase one of the best wristband alarms available for pensioners in Eastbourne, be sure to visit the Acticheck website today. However, if you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call our team on 0345 25 75 080, where they will be more than happy to assist. Alternatively, we are also available to email at, where we aim to reply within a single working day.

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