Lone worker alarm

Would you like to purchase a lone worker alarm? Welcome to Acticheck. We are an established business based in the heart of the country that have one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology available for you to purchase. We are incredibly dedicated to all the work we do and our team have a wealth of experience in the industry – so you know we are the company you need to contact today.

Here at Acticheck, we have developed an excellent lone worker alarm called The Assure. This wristband is designed to be worn all the time and it allows you to call for help by simply squeezing the band and can monitor for falls, while still allowing regular wellness check-ins at times of your choice during the day. It was developed by Karl Gibbs, after having a discussion with his mother when he asked there was a way of confirming she was OK each day.

The Acticheck wristband has three ways of triggering an alert, including our unique wellness checks in which you pick one or more times each day for the smartband to vibrate on your wrist, when a simple press of a button will confirm you’re OK, but ignoring it will raise an alert. If an alarm is triggered by the system or raised by yourself and you do not respond when the system calls you, it will automatically call people you choose – friends, family or neighbours to help.

Do you want to purchase a lone worker alarm? Please feel free to check out the shop on our website today. However, if you would like to have a chat with a member of our team – give us a call on 0345 25 75 080. Alternatively, send an email to info@acticheck.com and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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