The Solution to Keeping Your Independence

Is a Personal Alarm The Solution to Keeping Your Independence?

Independence can mean so much to someone, whether it is living by themselves, going to the shop alone or just simply cooking for themselves. Independence is something that we all hold dear. Sometimes, people have their independence threatened and the thought of having to ask someone for help or approval before doing even the simplest tasks can be frustrating.

Unfortunately, as people get older or if they have a disability then their loved ones fear that something will happen to them and they don’t get the help they need. This is when people might suggest carers, assisted living or even care homes. For many, the thought of losing their independence this way is infuriating and will want to be avoided at all costs. There may be a solution to keeping your independence, a personal alarm. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a personal alarm?

Personal alarm systems can come in different types, shapes and sizes but they are all designed to summon help in situations where the user can’t ask for it themselves. This could be due to shortness of breath, a sudden pain, a fall or a stroke. With lots of different personal alarms and various makes and models available on the market, you will find that lots of these personal alarms can also provide additional features.

You may hear this type of alarm referred to as elderly alarms, panic alarms, medical alarms or simply personal alarms. You can get individual alarms that offer different services however, you can also get alarms that offer all of these services in one small device. These are the best types for anyone wanting to keep their independence. If you would like to explore further whether a personal alarm system could benefit you or someone you know, and if so what the right type of system might be you can get a free guide by visiting here.

Who can use them?

The main target audience for this type of personal alarm is elderly people, lone workers, those who live alone and people with disabilities. They can be beneficial to anyone who worries about their safety, falling or being able to contact someone in case of an emergency.

Where are they kept?

The best types of personal alarms will have a small device that is worn by the user and also a base unit that will be kept in an easy to reach place in their property. The part of the alarm that is worn is usually either a pendant that can be worn around the user’s neck, but this has its drawbacks, or a wristband that can also be worn 24/7 so it will be there when you need it. 

How do they keep you safe?

If you purchase a high-quality personal alarm the range of services they can provide will be able to keep you safe in various ways. For example, the wristband alarms of the elderly, disabled or lone workers that Acticheck provide have numerous services such as:

  • SOS calls
    The wearer can simply press a button on the wristband if they are experiencing sudden pain, shortness of breath or if they have a security concern and an SOS call will be activated contacting their personal list of friends and family.
  • Fall monitor
    If the wearer has a fall and is incapacitated after impact the alarm will sense the lack of movement and get help for the user.
  • No response alert
    This ensures that the wearer will be discovered if they are unable to respond after a slump fall, stroke, fainting, occasional mobility issues, diabetic hypos or other medical reasons.
  • Cold at home
    The base of the personal alarm can inform family or friends if the user is ‘cold at home’ it can detect the temperature in the user’s property.

Ordering a personal alarm

Overall, with the amazing technology that is now available in such a small personal alarm, there is no reason why people can’t go on to live independently for as long as possible. These small devices can provide both the wearer and their loved ones with the peace of mind required for the user to continue to live alone.

If you’re looking for somewhere to purchase a personal alarm that provides a wide range of services then visit the Acticheck website today. You will be able to find out more about exactly what this alarm can offer you and also see what other people have to say about the device and how it helps them. If you have any questions at all, the friendly team at Acticheck will also gladly answer these for you.



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