Tips for carers

Practical Tips And Advice For Family Caregivers

It isn’t uncommon for family members to take care of each other and this happens in many different ways. The need for this additional care can happen suddenly with birth, an illness or an accident. It can also creep up slowly, unnoticed at first.

If you find yourself in the position where you are now a caregiver you will probably be stressed, worried and putting a lot of pressure on yourself to get things right. Acticheck has put together a list of practical tips and advice for anyone who needs them, simple things that can make your day to day life easier.

Manage your time

Ultimately, time management is about prioritising and accepting that you just won’t be able to do everything yourself. You should put your tasks in order of priority, label them as urgent, important and can wait, this way you know what to focus on. Managing your time and planning properly also helps when it comes to asking other family members for their contribution, you can tell them exactly what needs doing and when.

You should also separate out chores, companion time and also your personal time. When you become a family caregiver sometimes this new role can lead to a lack of spending quality time together. The “important” things get in the way of just being together like you used to, which is actually equally important. As is ‘you time’, don’t ever forget that you’re important and you need a break too.

Find support networks

Thankfully there are now so many networks of people that are all experiencing the same things as you. Sometimes your friends might not quite understand what you’re going through and this can leave you feeling alone or isolated. It is so important to keep talking to people about what you’re going through and if your friends don’t understand there are definitely people out there that do.

There are so many different online support networks that you can reach out to. Care communities are always just a few clicks away and you can feel as though you are part of something even if you’re just communicating through your phone in the spare 10 minutes that you have.

Organise important documents

Being a family caregiver isn’t just the physical things, it is taking care of all of the complex paperwork and documents too. Many caregivers have to understand and usually manage another person’s financial, legal and medical affairs, which can be overwhelming to start with.

The best advice we can give it to get all of these documents organised and in one place. Having all of your loved ones important documents in one place can help to alleviate any unnecessary stress when the documents are needed. Anything you can do to make your life easier, in the long run, shouldn’t be overlooked.

Make use of technology

Technology has the power to make your day-to-day life less stressful and it is always beneficial to make use of what is available to you. If you don’t have one already you should look into getting a personal alarm for your loved one. They are the best investment, especially if the person you care for still lives alone.

Take an elderly relative for example, by providing them with an elderly alarm system you can feel safe in the knowledge that if anything happens to them when you aren’t there, they will still be able to get help. There is such a huge range of elderly personal alarms available on the market now and no matter which one you choose they will instantly help with the worry you feel when you leave your loved one alone.

How Acticheck can help

Acticheck understands how difficult it can be when you care for a loved one and the products they offer are specifically designed to give peace of mind to caregivers. If you are looking for an alarm for the elderly, disabled or anyone who lives alone then their product is perfect. A small wristband alarm will not only give your loved one their confidence back but it will allow you to go about your daily routine knowing they are ok.

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