The Assure®
Alarms for the Elderly and Disabled
(and much more...)

Alarms for the elderly and disabled, as well as carers and lone workers are so important in keeping our loved-ones safe, while they keep their independence.

Our market-leading personal alarm system provides SOS alarms, fall detection, monitoring check-ins and much more

Here are some types of people who choose to use the Assure life-saving wristband to give them peace of mind.

Senior Alarm System


Seniors have never been as young as they are today, often retiring with 20+ years of active life left.

No matter how resilient they are no-one is invincible. The Assure® is a personal monitoring and alarm system that fits with a modern, vigorously independent lifestyle.

People living with disability

No matter your physical you should be enabled to live your best possible life. 

As long as you can wear the wristband and squeeze the buttons you can share the peace of mind of knowing of knowing help is at hand, just when you need it.

Disabled person alarm system

Lone workers

Increasing numbers of people work alone, thanks to automation in factories and offices, the need to work across time zones and pressure of work.

The Assure® is an effective way of calling for help should there be a medical or security emergency.

Pet owners

If you are a pet owner, you’ll know the bond between you and your pet is special. They give you friendship and unconditional love and the last thing you would ever want to do is harm them.

But if you had a sudden accident or incident how long would it take for your pets to get the care they need?

Caring couples

When one half of a couple gets less able it can lead to  a loss of independence for both partners.

Sometimes just having a single wearer can give a carer and their loved one time apart without losing contact in case of emergency, but having a wristband each means no matter who needs it, help is at hand.