This is Maureen

She likes cake!

Every time someone likes our Facebook page, shares our content or Joins our Email List
we give a good cause a cake!

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The Cake-O-Meter

Current Cakes Awaiting Distribution - 155

Cakes Delivered June - 866

Let Them Eat Cake!

The idea came over a marketing meeting, when someone commented that it would be great if we could just spend all the marketing money on cake and give it away!

When we thought about it a bit more we decided that it might not be such a crazy idea after all. Every day businesses spend millions of pounds with the likes of Facebook and Google. Instead of doing that we would rather spend the money on something fun and rewarding.

Like giving away cakes.... [ninja-popup ID=1587]

How It Works

1 - Like Us & Share On Facebook

Simply click the button below and then click the like button near the top of our Facebook page, for every like we give a cake!

If you also share our content it counts as well!

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Give Cake

2 - Join Our Email List
Click the link below and then add your email address to join our fun packed email list, for every signup we give away a cake!

Give Cake

3 - We Buy Cakes

We distribute the cakes in two ways:

1/ If we are close enough to the event, and able to make it, then we would love to come and help give away the cakes!

2/ If that is not possible or if you are going to bake the cakes yourself then we can sponsor your stall. You tell us the value of the cakes you want to sell, we donate the money, so you can give your cakes away FREE!

4 - We all eat cake

We help people all over the country to have fantastic cake based events. Coffee mornings, fetes, nursing home events, charity functions, anyone holding an event can apply for cakes. You can even request that we surprise carers with cakey goodness.

To apply for cakes simply click the 'Get Cake' button below, fill out the form and someone will contact you to see if we can help.

Or call us on 0345 25 75 080 to discuss your cake requirements

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