Assure – Carer Alarm System

The carer can become so concerned about what might happen when they are away that they try to be with their partner the whole time. The Assure carer alarm system can help give both of you back your independence by giving you confidence that if you are needed you will get a message in good time. You can both have a bit more time to yourselves when you want it.

With our partners band you can be doubly safe. Although you might not expect it you should consider what would happen if the carer had an accident? Who would make sure their partner was getting their medications or otherwise be looked after in a timely way?

Our partners bands link to the same base station and will call the same responders should help be needed, so for a small extra charge you can be doubly safe.

When one of a couple has health issues both people can become more trapped than they need to be.
Carer Alarm System

Whether you are looking for monitoring, alerting or fall detection.
The Assure Carer Alarm System has it all covered.

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