Why choose the Assure 'stay connected' wristband?

Designed to be worn all the time and with a wide array of alerts, including our unique Wellness check-ins, nothing is easier to use or better at keeping you connected to your chosen contacts, just when you need it.

Other alarm systems

Basic pendant/wristband

These are essentially unchanged since the 1980’s. Many people feel stigmatised when they wear them and they have limited functionality: there have been many situations in which people have not been able to use them and conversely they are prone to false alerts, either through being pressed when moving a person or being knocked accidentally during sleep. False alerts can be a contributory reason why people don’t wear them all the time. Because they relay to a call monitoring centre they tend to have expensive ongoing fees.

Home environment monitors

Monitoring the home environment (using a combination of movement, door and other sensors) only works when people are within the monitored space (e.g. haven’t fallen putting the rubbish out) and have regular behavioural patterns. This is very good at defining needs in the hands of a skilled assessor but less so at raising timely alerts. The equipment tends to be expensive to buy and install, for instance CanaryCare costs from £411 in year one and then £312 a year.
As these systems works independently of the service user it may be useful where they are unable to interact with another system.

Daily check calls

Once or more a day a telephone call can be made which needs the person to let the operator know they are OK. This can be reassuring for some but only really works if the service user is always at home at the time of the calls and even then only gives a snapshot at that one time (e.g. an emergency 2 minutes after the call will need to wait until the next call unless there is another system in place). These calls are generally made by people but automated calls can be less expensive.
The Assure’s Wellness check-ins have improved on this by letting you choose as many a day as you want and by using walkaway technology that means if you are not linked to the system, for instance have gone out without a linked smartphone, there will not be an alert.
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