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Choosing the right personal alarm...
Choosing the right personal alarm...

...is personal - and difficult.
Compare and find the best personal alarm
for your needs.

Balance weighing scales
Assure life-saving wristband
Pebbell GPS locator
Buddi wristband
Age UK Pendant alarm
Internet of things household monitors

Do you actually need a personal alarm at all?

Do you spend significant time by yourself?
Might there be a time when you need help but could find it difficult to use a phone?

If your answer to either question is ‘no’ there is no point reading further.

but if your answered ‘yes’ to both questions then it makes to use a personal alarm system.
Our Comparison table will help you find the best personal alarm system for your needs.

We have tried to keep things simple in the table below however you may prefer to use our ‘chooser’ where we ask about what are the key benefits and usability you require and then make suitable recommendations.

It only takes about 3 minutes and will give you an overview of different things personal alarm systems can do.

Comparison table for different personal alarms

The Assure from Acticheck

AgeUK TakingCare

Buddi connect


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