Fall Alarms for the Elderly

Are you looking for fall alarms for the elderly that you know you can rely on? Look no further, at Acticheck we have a fall alarm that will tick all of your boxes. Our new wristband alarms aren’t only safe and convenient but they are also the most stylish fall alarms on the market, they have even won a prestigious IF Design Award for its contemporary styling.

Our fall alarms for the elderly are perfect for not only one user but also couples. It is really simple for you to add a second band to the base so that your partner or carer can wear a band and be protected too. When sharing a base, although each wearer will have their own specific band the primary band wearer is a proxy for the second band wearer so they will share their responders we, therefore, we suggest that you choose responders that would want to be notified for both of you. All you will need to do is order an additional band from the shop and when the new band arrives select ‘Add New Proxy Band’ on the ‘MyBand’ screen on the portal and follow the instructions.

Looking for Fall Alarms for the Elderly?

We understand at Acticheck that sometimes an alert on our fall alarms for the elderly can be an accident or there is a reason behind the false alert so we always immediately run two tests after an alert has been raised to check with the wearer whether they want to cancel the alert. If the wearer does neither of the cancellation actions the full alert is initiated. The first check will a buzz of our wristband alarm, all the wearer will need to do is press a single button which will confirm they do not need help. Failure to press the button when hinted will lead to the second stage of the check, an automated call. For this, the phone number associated with the Assure base will be phoned and the wearer will be asked to key ‘1’ on the telephone keypad if they do not need help. If the keypad is not pressed then our system will continue with the alert, contacting all responders in sequence until one agrees to follow up.

We are proud to be able to say that our fall alarms for the elderly are changing people’s lives. Knowing that your safety is being monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year will give you peace of mind. All of the users of these alarms along with their families and friends have given us positive feedback regarding both our fall alarms and our customer service. We invite you to view these reviews and we can assure you that we always live up to our reputation. 
To speak to a member of our experienced team about our fall alarms for the elderly get in touch today. You can email us at info@acticheck.com and we will happily discuss our alarms with you in more detail. We can also answer any initial questions you may have. We will take the time to go over all of the different packages and find the perfect solution for you.

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