Frequently asked questions

We have chosen some key questions many people want to know before buying but we’d welcome any other questions you might have.

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  • What can trigger an alarm?

    There are three alert triggers for comprehensive protection:

      1. SOS panic buttons 
        To call for help simply squeeze the wristband.
      2. Automatic detection of severe falls
        The Assure monitors for serious falls which lead to immobility.   
      3. I’m OK checks 
        The simple way to confirm you are OK in the morning and before bed. At times you choose the wristband vibrates and pressing either button confirms you are OK.
  • How simple is the Assure to use?

    Very simple, both for the wearer and their responders.

    All the wearer needs to do is put on the wristband and leave it on.

    If help is needed – squeeze the wristband.
    If the wristband vibrates, press a button to confirm everything is OK and help isn’t needed.

    That’s all there is too it, there isn’t even any need to remember whether you need to charge it tonight as the battery lasts for a year.

  • Why is ‘uninterrupted protection’ important?

    Uninterrupted protection is important because you never know when an emergency will happen.

    Many systems don’t work when they are needed because there has been a ‘baked-in’ reason to remove it.

    Pendants should not be worn at night (strangulation risk) and can be awkward to wear in the shower. Wristbands that have a single button are likely to raise false alarm overnight as they are accidentally pressed.

    Some devices need regular recharging, which creates the opportunity to forget to put it back on when it might be needed.

    The Assure is designed to be worn in the shower, in bed and wherever you go – for a full year without recharging.
    With the Assure help is always at hand.

  • Where does the Assure cover?

    The Assure covers you in home, Garden and beyond.

    The Assure links to a base station (on 869MHz, for the boffins) to give resilient home & garden coverage. This is where we think most attention should be focussed as it is the place where people are most likely to remain undiscovered for long periods of time.

    We also have smartphone apps (android and iPhone) for use away from home which link seamlessly without the wearer having to do anything as long as they have their phone on them or nearby.

    However, we do not recommend relying on apps in the home & garden because it is easy to inadvertently lose contact with the phone’s Bluetooth.

  • Who will the Assure connect me with?

    The Assure connects you straight to family & friends.
    There is also an optional fallback call response centre.

    If you raise an alert your chosen ‘responders’ get a phonecall asking if they can help.

    If they accept a voice message will provide your name and address and any other emergency information such as a keysafe code. This information will also be sent as an SMS and email.

    Anyone with a phone number can help and they don’t need to run a special app.

    We focus on using those people who would naturally look out for you as it is generally quicker, easier and less expensive than calling an ambulance or other professional.

    However, we recognise that there might be times when none of your responders are able to help and we have an optional fallback call response centre available for just £30 a year to make sure no alert ever goes unattended. 

  • How is the Assure installed?

    Installing the Assure is straightforward.

    When you open your system you’ll find a comprehensive ‘User guide’ which explains how to set up the system and introduces the features so you can choose which will be helpful to you.

    Everything you need is in the box, including plugs and cables.

    If you need any help you can call our support number and we’ll happily put you on the right track. We can even drive the installation over the phone and talk you through what needs doing at in the wearers home if internet access is a problem.

  • Should I choose the cellular enabled system?

    The cellular enabled system is suitable when people don’t already have broadband at home.

    If you have a reliable broadband connection at home then the ‘broadband only’ system will plug in via a cable (supplied).

    If you you don’t have the internet at home you’ll need our cellular enabled system.   

    Whether you have a cellular enabled base station or a broadband only the wristband will work with the smartphone app.

  • How do I buy the Assure?

    To but the Assure you will need to click on Buy now and configure your ideal system.

    A button will then appear along with an explanation of today’s cost and what it will cost in the future.

    Then just follow the step by step process to complete your purchase. Provided that it is before 4.00pm on a working day we’ll get it in the post to you that day.

Our user support pages are available at:  Support home

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