How To Avoid Fall Risk In The Elderly

One of the biggest worries that family members face about their elderly relatives is their risk of falling and sustaining severe injuries. As a person grows older, their body’s is more prone to bruising and pressure sores whilst their ability to heal gradually slows down, so the injuries resulting in a fall can be very serious. Falls can not only lead to severe injuries and disability, but they often are the reason behind a loss of confidence and increasing dependence on other family members – or even moving into a nursing or care home.

Of course, you are going to want your loved ones to avoid this situation as much as possible, which is why we have compiled some ways that you can prevent falls from occurring. 

Regular check-ups 

Ageing friends and family members should always have regular, full checkups so that any medical conditions can be quickly diagnosed and treatment can be promptly started. Visits to GPs should be very much encouraged, as well as loved ones just checking upon them in their home. You should always ensure that their body is functioning adequately and their vision and hearing are not getting impaired, as this can cause many problems down the line. 

Check their home

Your elderly loved ones need to be living in a safe space, free from any trip hazards. There are many changes you can make to their home that will help them avoid falls and ensure their own safety. Small furniture and everyday clutter, such as bags, pet bowls, small decor, electrical and phone cords, or even throw rugs can cause falls. 

For example, on the stairs, there should be non slip treads and handrails are on both sides. In other rooms, all carpets and large area rugs should be firmly fixed to the floor to avoid tripping – as well as ensuring that adequate lighting is maintained throughout the premises. 

Invest in a monitoring system 

Personal alarms which implement fall monitoring technology are an excellent way to help prevent the risk of serious injuries from falls. Here at Acticheck, we have developed the Assure® which allows the wearer to gently squeeze the sides of the smart band to call for help and is also monitoring for potential severe falls. It is waterproof and has a battery that lasts for over one year so there is no taking off to recharge, which means the wearer can have it on them all the time, even overnight and in the bathroom when most falls happen.

If an alarm is triggered and you do not respond when the system calls you, it will automatically call the people you choose– friends, family or neighbours  or the monitoring centre – to help. All this comes in a stylish, easy-to-wear wristband that is designed to be worn 24 hours a day with great home and garden coverage because you never know when you might need help, so it really is the perfect fall monitor for the elderly.

About Acticheck

The Assure™ was conceived by Karl Gibbs, after having a discussion with his mother when he asked there was a way of confirming she was OK each day. Karl was soon hit with the realization that many other families have been searching for a personal alarm for seniors who are in the same situation as his mother. The opportunity then came about to explore with local business people and experienced engineers whether his vision of a smart wristband could be made real – and if it was something worth doing.

Our team at Acticheck understand that family and friends might like to know and be able to help in an emergency situation even if they are not with the person for the critical event. Therefore, if you would like to understand our product in more detail, have a browse through our website and find out the many more ways we can help your relatives who live alone. You can also telephone 0345 2575 080 or email where we are on hand to offer our assistance wherever we can.

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