Mobile APP

Acticheck on the go!

Now the benefits of the Assure system can go anywhere you do.

If your phone has a signal and you’ve connected your Assure band with the app it can call for help and your responders will be told your location.

“This monitor is amazing we have 3 responders linked to it and we get updates throughout the day and it gives me and my sister assurance dad is ok. It gives dad peace of mind knowing help is at hand straight away.”

APP Features

Independence with Confidence

Get Mobile

With the Acticheck app installed and your smartband linked you can GoAnywhere and have all the confidence that the Assure gives you at home.

Fully Functional

Rather than loading the band with all the technology that you already have in your phone the app enables you to share the geo-location and data capability of your phone to continue to deliver alerts, fall monitoring and wellness checks wherever you have phone coverage.

Optimised Performance

The phone uses tiny amounts of data from your data plan. Most people will not even notice the 2MB of data usage a month and we have also been careful to conserve your phone battery too.

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