Brew Monday This is an idea about how we can combat Blue Monday. Today is officially meant to be the most depressing day of the year (at least things can only get better). The Christmas decorations are down, the days are still short and it is a long time until the next significant break for […]

Age Apartheid

Age Apartheid A new report by ‘United for all ages’ ( highlights that the UK is one of the most age segregated countries in the world. Intergenerational living, either in the same house or local area, was not unusual. Close proximity could mean seeing elderly relatives several times a week.  In recent times this has […]

Artificial intelligence

Using Artificial intelligence in triage Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an automated way of processing information. In this case, a computer system has been taught about medical conditions their symptoms. It asks questions to narrow down the possible causes and decide the priority the medics should give to it. If you speak to someone on NHS […]

Staying warm at home

Knowing how warm a house is saves lives Even if you feel ‘warm enough’, if the air you breathe is less than 18C respiratory infections become likely. A major problem at this time of year is people not realising their home is too cold. The NHS give some useful advice (below) and Acticheck have a […]

How Personal Alarm Systems Benefit the Elderly

Personal alarms are an excellent way to help people who live alone to feel safer and more secure. They provide family members, and the elderly person, with the peace of mind that they would be contacted in the event of an emergency. There are several different types of personal alarm systems available, including the Assure®, […]

How To Avoid Fall Risk In The Elderly

One of the biggest worries that family members face about their elderly relatives is their risk of falling and sustaining severe injuries. As a person grows older, their body’s is more prone to bruising and pressure sores whilst their ability to heal gradually slows down, so the injuries resulting in a fall can be very […]