Assure – Pet owners

Because it isn’t just people who need help in an emergency.

Even if you have thought ahead and have someone who will look after your pet in an emergency, how would they know when that emergency happened?

The Assure™ is the ideal way to get timely help for both you and your pet. Designed to send SoS alerts, detect severe falls and even check that you are responsive at chosen times during the day; the Assure™ provides the peace of mind that if an emergency happens help is at hand.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
~ Anatole France.

Lone Worker Alarm System

The Assure is a simple to use wristband that is designed to be worn all the time and connects to a base station that covers your home & garden.

If you have an iPhone or a modern android phone then our app means that you can even get help when you are out & about.

When an alert is raised your family, friends or neighbours will be called to say you need help. Whatever emergency message you have left both for you and your pet(s) will be read out, texted and emailed to them.

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Whether your emergency happens overnight (70% of falls do), putting the bins out or further afield the Assure will help you and your pets get the care you deserve.

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