Resilient communities

Join a world in which people look out for each other

A Resilient community is one which can care for those within it in the first instance. If you are not a hermit you will have connections with others. As well as family and friends there are those who you may know through community or faith groups and those who happen to live close by.

Many of us are willing to help but, for better or worse, we no longer live in the days where the door is on a latch and we can drop in to make sure members of our community are OK. If someone is isolated and needs need help the Assure ensures that help can be called, just when it is needed.

The Assure lets you know when someone you have agreed to look out for needs help, how to get to them (address and access information or where they are if they are away from home and using our smartphone app) and any first response information such as medication or who to call.

If you don’t have people who are available to you, or perhaps too few, there may be organisations in your area which can help.

For those who care

Is there someone you care for? Would you like to know that they are OK?

The Assure wristband constantly monitors activity and, once configured, you can securely logon to My Acticheck and check that the smartband is being worn and see a history of activity over the previous seven days. The system watches for unusual activity, such as something that might be a fall. If anything is detected it alerts designated responders for help. If 'wellness check-ins' are configured, the band buzzes at the specified times. A one-button press confirms that all is well, or a failure to press raises an alert. If the elderly patient or the person you care for needs immediate or emergency help all they need to do is simply squeeze the wristband to raise the alarm. The Assure personal alert system gives peace of mind both to carers and the cared for.

You can also see a full history of who responded to any requests for help with contact details so you can contact them for more information.

Acticheck Responders

The ASSURE is only as good as its responders, it is vital that when you first receive yours you reach out to find people to join your responder network. Responders can be found in a variety of places.

Friends and Family

The first port of call in a typical support network


Can offer potentially vital early response in the case of emergency. We even offer discounts if multiple bands are purchased together, allowing communities to act as responders for each other.

Call us on 0345 25 75 080 for more details


  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • First Responders
  • Local Charities
  • Housing Associations 

Responder Network - Things to Remember

Confirm Your Numbers

In order to act as a responder the user has to confirm the phone numbers once they have registered

Set Your Availability

It is possible to set specific times when you will be available to act as a responder. Outside these times the system will select the next available.

Manage Holidays

You can also create specific periods when you will not be available at all, such as holidays.

Tell Your Friends

The more people you tell about your Assure wristband, the more potential responders you will find. Why not get other like minded people to use the Assure and respond for each other!
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