Renewals, wristband straps and other items

Renewing for another year

The puck needs replacing every year so the battery doesn’t run out. Answer the two questions below and a button will appear to take you to your renewal.

New wristband strap

The wristband strap holds your puck.

Further users

Ideal for couples living together.

You can add a second user onto an existing system for just £100.00.

Further bases

For people who spend time in different places.

Whether it is an office or workshop, spending time at a relatives or a holiday home, if you spend time alone it is worth considering getting a second base station (which we match to your existing system before dispatch) to ensure your wristband will work wherever you are. 

This page is for those renewing a yearly subscription and other items.
If you want to buy a full system click on the button below.

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