Assure - Solo Sports Alarm System

What counts as an adventure for you? Climbing mountains, going for a run (or a walk), cycling, or something else? Whatever it is, the chances are you’d like to have confidence that should you need it help could be raised simply and quickly. That’s where the Assure can help.

It's unlikely that you'd have your phone in your hand when trouble struck, and even if you did you might not be able to unlock it and make a call in a true emergency. And what if the first person did not answer?

With GoAnywhere by simply wearing the Assure and having your linked smartphone in your backpack or pocket a quick squeeze on buttons will, even with the lowest amount of signal, connect you to your responder network. If you fall the alert can be raised even without you actively instigating it.
Whichever responder agrees to help will be sent a link to your location on google maps, so they can find you with the minimum of fuss.
Solo Sports Alarm System

Whether you are looking for monitoring, alerting or fall detection.
The Assure Solo Sports Alarm System has it all covered.

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