Empowering families & friends

Peace of mind all round

Making sure that people feel confident to live their lives to the full is paramount. However it is often others who are more worried for an individual’s wellbeing than the individual is themself.

The Assure gives you confidence that those you care for are OK.

Once set up you needn’t actively monitor what is going on, just read any emails we send and answer any calls (alerts) we make to you, if you can. If you can’t we’ll try the next person on the responder list until someone can take responsibility.

We have designed the Assure to give permanent coverage thoughout the home and garden. If you do want to look in on activity levels or to change settings our intuitive online dashboard gives you complete control.

Getting started is straighforward

The Assure was created to make use of family & friends. Our online ‘wizards’ lead you through the set-up, step by step, and before you know it the Assure will have linked those who are willing to assist if there is an alert.

Responding is as simple as can be

Being a responder is easy as we let you know if you are needed and give you all the information you need to help.

Once the Assure is operational you don’t need to think about it any more. There are no batteries to be recharged and nothing else to pay. Intelligent use of automated calls and text messages means that, when there is an alert, we phone you.

We then pass on the first responder information and any access instructions. This means you don’t have to keep any notes, as we’re doing that for you.

Home & Garden (and beyond) 24/7

Wear all the time

The Assure is designed to be worn all the time, as you never know when you might need it.

The band is waterproof and has a groundbreaking one-year battery life. We have made the band from soft silicone and it has won international design acclaim for its styling and function. With its easy-to-use squeeze buttons there is almost no chance of accidentally raising an alert.

Once you put it on there really is no reason to take it off. This is important, allowing it to cover the high risk times like bathing, or trips to the toilet in the night.

Wear throughout the property

Whether you choose the standard ‘Broadband’ base which connects to an existing internet router or you choose the ‘Cellular’ version which connects directly to the strongest mobile phone network available in your home, your home and garden fully are covered.

So whether you are up a ladder pruning a tree or just putting the rubbish out on a frosty night the Assure will still have you covered.

With our smartphone apps you can take all the advantages of the Assure with you wherever you go.

The Acticheck online dashboard

The Dashboard is your window into the activity of those you care for, from wherever you are and whenever you feel like it. It provides reassurance that the system is working and the wearer is well.

Those with ‘admin’ permissions can change the settings, for instance adding a new wellness check-in or changing the minimum temperature for the comfort zone.

The Acticheck activity chart can also give you an overv. Have they been sleeping well, have they been active, have they been able to go out? All are easily visible.

You can see if they’ve taken their Assure wristband off for any reason, if they raised any alerts and who has answered them. You can even send the alert responder an email through the dashboard to ask them for more information without anyone’s privacy being compromised.

And it is designed to be as easy to use on an iPad over breakfast as on a ‘proper’ computer.

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