My base lights are not working

NOTE it is normal for the lights on the Assure Base unit to occasionally flicker.

No power. Check that the cables are all connected correctly and the power is on.

· ON – normal operation
· FLASHING – base is in pairing mode – See pairing on User Guide pages 12 & 13
· OFF – No band communication (note this may occur if the band has gone out of, or recently come back into, range. A single button press will cause the light to turn back ON)

· ON – normal operation
· OFF – no communication with Acticheck system (see warning light below)

· OFF – normal operation
· ON or FLASHING and Internet connect light ON: Base is not yet registered at  See
· ON or FLASHING and Internet connect light OFF
There is no internet connection.

To check the Internet connection first check for a GREEN light by the INTERNET SOCKET on the back of the base.

· If the green light is OFF then check that the internet router is ON and the internet cable is securely connected at both ends.
· If the light is ON there are two possibilities:
1) That your router has lost internet connectivity (an active connection is normally indicated by a light marked INTERNET or a TICK).
2) Your internet router is not configured to support DHCP.
· If you have a router based issue you should follow your ISP’s guidance for correction.

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