Base sounds

The base has sounds that indicate the state of an alert. There are three distinct stages.

  1. The pre-alert sound. This is an intermittent single tone that indicates that the system is in pre-alert. While this sound is playing you can cancel the alert by pressing a single button on the band.
  2. The alert sound. This is a two-tone siren indicating that the alert is now active. This can be set on your personal area of the website (My Acticheck) to be either continuous or played once. If continuous the siren will continue until one of your responders has indicated that they can help. If no responders have indicated they are willing to help, the base will continue with the alert sound to indicate to the wearer that nobody has responded. It can be cancelled by a single buttons press on the band.
  3. The confirmation sound. This is four rising tones and indicates that the alert or pre-alert sequence has ended.

The sound volume can be adjusted using the two buttons on the base. Pressing either button will also cancel any sound.

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