Pre alert checks

When an alert has been raised we use the following seconds to check with the wearer whether they want to cancel the alert. If the wearer does neither of the cancellation actions the full alert is initiated.

Band buzz
The Assure band will buzz inviting the wearer will confirm they do not need help. If it is configured to do so, the Assure base will also sound as another indicator that an alert sequence is in process. Failure to cancel the sequence with a single button press (or a shake of the band if enabled in MY BAND )will lead to the automated check call.

Automated check call
The phone number associated with the Assure base, or the smartphone running the app, that has triggered the alert will be phoned and the wearer will be asked to key ‘1’ on the telephone keypad if they do not need help. If ‘1’ is not pressed the sequence will continue to full alert where responders are called in sequence until one agrees (again by pressing ‘1’ on their keypad) to follow up.

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