System requirements

The Assure base requires a 5V USB power source capable of supplying 200mA.
The Assure base receives power though a cable that is plugged in to either

  1. a USB socket in your router
  2. an adapter plugged into a standard 3-pin wall socket.
    The cable and adapter is provided for either of these options.

Please do NOT plug into other adapters as they may not be the right voltage and may affect the functionality of the system.

Typical power consumption is 1W which amounts to less than 10kWh over a year (about £1 at typical electricity rates)

Typical data usage is normally under 5MB per month though 10MB should be allowed. This is a tiny amount of any data allowance and is unlikely to be noticeable.

The Assure base connects to the internet via the supplied cable and your broadband router, which must support DHCP and DNS.

Cellular systems will connect to the internet by themselves but it is still advisable to connect via a broadband router if possible.

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