The alert sequence

Once an alert has been triggered and the pre-alert checks have gone unanswered the Acticheck system starts to call your responders.

We will automatically check who has said they are available at this time and call them in the order you have put them on your ‘My Responders’ tab.

Each call which is picked up will be read a message telling them that you are asking for help and, if the alert was raised through an <em>Assure </em>base station, the location which is linked to it. They are then asked to press ‘1’ on their keypad if they are willing to take responsibility. We will cycle through your contact list three times (not twice as stated elsewhere) to try and get a positive response; it is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough people on your caller list that there should always be cover.

Once someone accepts responsibility we will read your access instructions and In Case of Emergency (ICE) to them and we will also text and e-mail them this information.

The Alert sequence can be cancelled at any time by pressing a single button on the band however it will not cancel any currently active responder call.


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