The triggers

There are currently four triggers for alerts.

I’m OK checks
At a time, or times, to suit you each day you can ask your system to check you are well. Your Assure band will buzz on your wrist and you can confirm you are OK with a single button press (or a shake of the band if enabled in MY BAND). If you are unable to do this immediately, not to worry, you will have two more chances over the next five minute before we raise the status to an alert. We will only raise an alert if we detect the Assure band is being worn but is not being responded to. We will also note on your portal the reason for any non-delivery of an I’m OK check – the wearer being marked as being on holiday, the Assure band is out of range or is not being worn.
(These have previously been known as Wellness checks and as No Response checks).

Wearer initiated SOS
A simple squeeze of the band (pressing both buttons at the same time) will start the pre-alert sequence. This is the only alert that will work even if the band is not detected as being worn.

Possible falls
If your band detects a jarring movement it then ‘monitors’ for a period of stillness in the following minutes. If a few minutes of normal activity passes the system assumes that you are fine and reverts to monitoring for jarring again. If a jarring movement is followed by a lack of movement, but the band is being worn, then an alert is raised.
An additional feature of this mode is that an alert can be raised without the need for a squeeze by hitting the hand with the Assure band against a hard surface a couple of times and then holding it still. You can read more about falls here.

Comfort zone
Your Assure base station reports its temperature every 15 minutes. You can set a minimum temperature and times of day when you’d like this to apply and if we detect the Assure band is being worn during these times and the house is colder than you’d like we send an email to anyone marked as an administrator.

Additional notifications

Lost communication
If the system does not hear from your Assure base station for a little while we will send an email to all administrators. This means in the event of a power cut or internet outage (or even an accidentally removed plug) you will know. We also send an email as soon as the system is connected again so it is always worth checking your inbox.

Frost setting
If you choose, our base station will send emails to anyone marked as an adminstrator if it records below 5 degrees C, even if the property is empty. This might give you vital time to protect your pipes.

There is other information on the wearer’s dashboard which can be seen by them and by anyone else who is designated.
This includes:

  • the temperature of the base, which if positioned in a suitable room may indicate the temperature of the property.
  • whether the Assure band is being worn
  • the wearer’s movement patterns

Each of these may give valuable information for a carer (who is a designated ‘administrator’) and we will be exploring how we can create automated alerts /notifications in the future.

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