Worn Detection

The Assure uses a combination of movement, capacitive sensing and temperature to decide if the Assure band is being worn.
To err on the side of caution the Assure band treats movement as confirmation of being worn. The system is designed to work best if the Assure band is worn all the time but if you are carrying it in a bag or perhaps in luggage that is in a moving car, and if it can connect to a base or linked smartphone, alerts could be raised as if it was on the wrist. If you expect to carry rather than wear the Assure band when you are in range of a base or linked smartphone you could use “Airplane mode” to stop alerts from being raised.

Simply looking for movement would not help if the wearer was still (e.g. unconscious) so we also use capacitive sensing to see how close the band is to a conductive body (normally the wearer’s wrist). If we sense that it is close this will also register as being worn to enable appropriate alerts.

To protect against false alarms you should:

  1. Wear your band all the time
  2. If you take it off put it on a solid surface and lay it flat, with one of the buttons facing down and the other up. Surfaces that could be knocked such as in a drawer or on a piece of furniture that might be jarred may lead to false alarms
  3. Put your smartband into Airplane mode.
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