An introduction to the Assure
and how it fits a modern lifesyle

Setting up your base and band

Being a responder

What's in the box

Adding responders

Using this page

Acticheck videos are hosted on YouTube and have some helpful features. If you are unfamiliar with YouTube videos please take a moment to read the following hints on how to get the most from the system. To view any of the sections just click on the heading.
Just select the title you would like to watch and the video will be revealed. Double click on it. It will then open in a player in the frame that you already see on your screen.
In the bottom right hand corner of the frame is an icon of a frame. Clicking on this will make the video go full screen.

In the bottom left hand corner you should see either a triangular arrow pointing right (the ‘play’ button) or two parallel upright lines (the ‘pause’ button).

You might want to pause on some written parts to give more reading time. You can also use the space bar on your keyboard which will switch you between play and pause.

Next to the play/pause button is a picture of a loudspeaker. If you click on this you will mute the sound (or bring it back again if it is muted). If you hover on the speaker you will see a slider to the right which you can use to adjust the volume.

Immediately above these buttons there is a progress bar. The proportion of a video you have watched is shown as a red bar and unwatched is grey. Where you are now is shown by a small disc which can be dragged forwards or backwards along the line and released. It will start to play from wherever it is released, so if you didn’t quite catch a bit and want to replay it you can drag this back a small way.

Using the left arrow button on your keyboard will take you back by 5 seconds per press and the right arrow button, forward.