Online Portal

Simple but Comprehensive

The Assure 'MyActicheck' website allows you and your designated responders to monitor and personalise your system. The dashboard provides a simple interface where you can confirm that everything is working and check the wearer’s activity.  It also displays the last known location of the wearer.

You can set wellness check-ins, mark days when you plan to be away, change your fall detection settings and many other features using the portal.

"I know there are products which have been around longer, but they look so ugly, and this one is just a nicer bit of kit - it costs less, lasts longer, does more, and looks much better."
John S. Registered Buyer
website monitoring

You can access the 'MyActicheck' website through your computer, tablet or smartphone to manage your settings easily and let those you trust see your information too.

Online Features

Behind the scenes the Assure is looking out for you in a variety of ways to give you outstanding protection and the confidence to live your life the way you want, knowing that you’ll be connected to help when and where you need it.
  • Responder Management
  • Manage Wellness Check-ins
  • Activity and Alerts Stats
  • Away Calendar

Responder Management

You can have an unlimited number of people looking out for you with Acticheck, all managed via our website monitoring system

Comprehensive Setting

Set wellness check-ins, holidays, buzzer and fall settings, even name your band.

Alert Log

Find out what alerts have been triggered in your alert log.
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