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What is the Assure Wristband?

The Assure wristband is an industry-leading elderly alarm bracelet that provides 24/7 protection and peace of mind for those living on their own. With its year-long battery life and water resistance, the Assure personal monitoring system can be worn at all times. Here are just some of the ways in which the Assure elderly alarm could be of assistance to you, a friend, or a family member.

SOS Alarms

By gently squeezing the Assure wristband, wearers can call for immediate assistance. This can save vital time in the event of an emergency and mean that wearers do not need to move should they need any help.

I'm OK check

The Assure’s automatic I'm OK feature works by vibrating the wearer’s bracelet until a button is pushed confirming their safety. This can be set to occur at chosen times once or more each day. If an I'm OK check is missed, this feature will send out an alert so that the wearer can be checked on.

Fall Monitoring

The Assure elderly alarm is able to smartly detect any severe falls. By sending out an alert straight away, the Assure wristband significantly reduces the risk of delay in the event of an accident.

Temperature Warnings

By providing round-the-clock temperature tracking, the Assure bracelet can help make sure that the wearer’s home is never too cold. This life-saving feature is particularly important in the Winter where temperatures can drop very quickly.

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