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Personal alarm wristband being worn with base
BT Infinity Labs. Runner-up Global Innovation for family, friends and community'
iF Design Awards 2016
Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award

The Core Alerts

The Assure®: the 'stay connected' wristband is a must-have personal alarm for anyone who spends a significant amount of time alone. Designed to be worn all the time and with the following core alerts, nothing is easier to use or better at keeping you connected.

SOS calls

A simple squeeze of the band calls for help, and as the band is designed to be worn all the time help is always at hand.

Wellness check-ins

At chosen times the wristband buzzes; a press of a button means 'OK' and responsive, failure to press raises an alert.

Fall monitor

The Assure is always monitoring for a lack of movement after an impact that could indicate a severe fall.

Cold at home

The Assure base reports on the temperature and if someone is 'cold at home' will let chosen people know.

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'It's not about technology, it's about people.'

24/7 protection

personal alarms for the elderly

Many accidents happen in the bathroom or on overnight visits to the toilet.

The Assure personal alarm is designed to be worn at all times. It is waterproof and has a battery that lasts for over one year so there is no recharging.

Because staying connected  means that help is always at hand.


Families & friends

personal alarms for the elderly

Family & friends are often the best people to respond to an emergency as they are both local and known.
We designed the Assure to contact them directly with automated calls, emails and texts.

For a small additional charge you can add a professional monitoring centre to deal with an alert for times when family & friends are unavailable. Just add it to your basket after you have chosen your system.

A simple dashboard

personal alarms for the elderly dashboard
Our dashboard has two uses. It allows anyone, with permission, to set up and manage the Assure and its optional settings from anywhere with internet access

The activity chart shows whether the wearer is at home, that they are wearing their Assure band and even indicates whether they are sleeping well and staying generally active.

User reviews

Great device, easy to set up, comfortable to wear and lightweight. Works really well as described, useful features, which can be set to suit lifestyle of wearer. Simple to adjust on your own control panel online. Highly recommended, and customer service response is first class. 5 stars!!!

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Extra features

A Man out cycling with an Assure wristband linked to a smartphone.

Go Anywhere with our smartphone apps

If you have our app on your smartphone, as you go out of range of your home the Assure will continue to offer you the same benefits.

It happens automatically so you don't have to think about it and uses the phone's location and data connection to send alerts.

A Man programmes his boiler

Keeping warm to stay healthy

'Cold at home' alert
There is a big problem with people getting ill through being too cold at home, sometimes through frugality but often through not realising. Simply set the time window with a safe lower temperature and you'll get an email alert if is too cold low while the wearer is at home.

Frost setting
Sends an email alert if there is a danger of frozen pipes, even if the home is unoccupied.

Failsafe warning

'No news' is not always good news

Sometimes there may be a power cut, internet outage or someone may accidentally knock a plug out of the wall.

The Assure automatically sends an email warning to all administrators if we miss communications from the Assure base station so you can make sure everything is OK.

We will also send a daily 'All OK' email to confirm the system is working and the wearer is active.

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